Stained Glass Windows Pin Set

$40.00 ā€“ $60.00
  • Stained Glass Windows Pin Set
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The pins are engraved with the Houses Traits, have cutout elements & translucent enamel.

Pins come with backing cards and 2 rubber stars clutches ā­ļøā­ļø

šŸ¦… Stained Glass Window Book Colors:
šŸ’™ rose gold plating
šŸ’™ 50mm | 2" high

šŸ¦” Stained Glass Window:
šŸ’› gold plating
šŸ’› 40mm | 1.6" high

šŸ Stained Glass Window:
šŸ’š silver plating
šŸ’š 48mm | 1.9" high

šŸ¦ Stained Glass Window:
ā¤ļø rose gold plating
ā¤ļø 50mm | 2" high

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