Music Globes Collection Pin Set

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  • Music Globes Collection Pin Set
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🎼 Music Globes Collection Set with updated Letters Globe

Pins from this collection have a music code with specific track. Scan the code in Spotify app, and track plays! See how it works in our IG video.

encoded tracks:
♪ Hеdwig's Thеmе
♪ Hаrry's Wоndrоus World v2 (improved version)
♪ Buckbеаk's Flight

✧ 2" / 50mm high
⊹ gold / rose gold plating
✧ 2 star rubber clutches ⭐️⭐️
⊹ sandblast + screen print + glitter
✧ gift postcard with scanning instructions
⊹ back logo with track title

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